Summer has FINALLY arrived here in New York/New Jersey, and I think everyone here is wondering, seriously, what took so dang long?! With the exception of a gorgeous week in May, the weather has been pretty chilly up North until recently. The shift happened without any real transition, and we went from cool temps, to straight up melting (between 90-100 degrees) basically over night. But, who am I to really complain? I mean, I love the hot weather and prefer it over cold almost 100% of the time. Pat on the other hand loves the cold weather. Needless to say, we’re still trying to figure out where to put down roots.

With the heat here to stay, I wanted to share one of my new favorite companies, Cabana Life. Focusing on swimwear, with the intent to protect you from the blaring sun, Cabana Life has the cutest prints and styles (think Lily Pulitzer, J.Crew, and Vera Bradley had a baby). With not only swimsuits, but cover-ups, pants, shorts and more, Cabana Life has truly got you covered for all your Summer swim needs (see what I did there? ;)) The quality and price point of this brand is SO good too! For someone petite and smaller in the bust area, I typically have issues with swimwear tops fitting properly, but I’m beyond impressed with how good this fits. The top even has adjustment straps which makes the fit an A++ for me!

I adore this brand not only because of the amazing styles to choose from, but because it was founded by a skin cancer survivor, with the purpose to help others protect themselves from the harsh sun. As I get older, I genuinely care about protecting myself, and my family from the harsh sun. Cabana Life products protect up to 50+ UV, which is the highest protection available in apparel.

I’m wearing the Bora Bora style TOP ($46) & BOTTOM ($50)! The Bora Bora Collection also comes in children’s too, so you can match your mini’s! Use code ‘JILLIAN20’ at checkout for 20% off your order (exp. 8/31/17)! Check out the full line of swimwear at for more!


Hi friends! With Father’s Day right around the corner, I was trying to think of something unique that I could get Pat. Although Pat and I do not have any children (we are planning on it at some point), we have our little Bichon Frise Brody (aka bear head), who is truly the light of our lives. We have taken the term “fur baby” to another whole level. Brody comes virtually every where with us, and he absolutely loves it. So I think that Father’s Day is still an appropriate holiday to celebrate even if you’re a dog dad! JORD Wooden Watches has been a company I’ve collaborated with since I started Pink and Polka Dots, and they continue to be a great partner. It was instantly a no-brainer, when JORD came to mind as the perfect Father’s Day gift for Pat, and any man in your life. JORD Wooden Watches continue to impress us both with the quality and versatility.

OMG. Hearts in my eyes. How cute are they?!

Lucky for Pat, Father’s Day came early this year! He is wearing the Dover Series ‘Koa & Black’ model.

Lucky for YOU, JORD is offering 15% off the ENTIRE men’s collection of watches from now until June 18th. Happy shopping!



Clearly everyone and their mother is crazy about gingham this Summer! If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet… what are you waiting for?! But in all seriousness, I’ve been loving gingham in black, navy, red and white. All neutrals that can pair with just about any outfit, and are perfectly patriotic for Summer. I found this cute off the shoulder top from Francesca’s in Hoboken (online also). I’ve also included a couple of other styles from Francesca’s and Abercrombie that are gingham inspired too!

Blogger mentor, best friend, and cousin, Jaime Cittadino, (from Sunflowers and Stilettos) is loving the gingham trend too. Of course, we showed up to a family party last weekend wearing almost identical outfits! We tend to match unexpectedly from time to time (and love it). Our earrings and shoes are linked below!

Happy shopping for your new gingham pieces!


Ever since my skin went crazy a few years back, I’ve been super conscious of my daily, and nightly skincare routines. What I’ve found works best for me is to use a gentle cleanser in the morning (to cleanse my skin from anything overnight), preferably with a smell that is awakening. Then, at night I typically use an exfoliating cleanser with my Clarisonic (or alone) in the shower (after I’ve taken off all my makeup from the day). Lately, I’ve been using the Formula 10.0.6 cleanser in replace of my cult favorites!

I try not to wear heavy foundation if and when I don’t have to. I find myself usually sporting a pretty effortless look to my office Monday-Friday, and wearing a bit more makeup over the weekend, or for special events.

Since we’re on the subject of skincare, I’m so excited to share with ya’ll one of my new favorite skincare lines that’s available at Target and Ulta! Formula 10.0.6 has not only face masks but cleaners too. I try to use a facial mask at least once a week, especially around those times when I find myself wearing a bit more makeup than usual. I tend to gravitate towards charcoal and mud masks because I love how they work to pull impurities out from under the skin.

I like to keep a pretty consistent night time routine (I’m a total homebody)! So, I love to relax at night after work by cooking dinner, showering and changing into comfy clothing. Once I’m all set, I like to wash my face clean of any makeup or dirt and grime from that day (I work in Manhattan, and one habit I’ve picked up from living with Pat is to never get in bed if you haven’t showered the day away).

Next, I choose one of my favorite masks and get to pampering!!! #MaskTheNightAway

Sometimes I even like to do some pampering with a friend! So much fun! What better way to enjoy a relaxing night in (all that’s missing is big ole’ glass of wine! Am I right?!)

[My BFF and accessory guru Nina and I]

Make sure to check out Formula 10.0.6 and all the amazing products in their line, available HERE and HERE, or below.

What’s your favorite way to relax after a long day? Do you have a favorite facial mask? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you to Formula 10.0.6 for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own.


Hi Friends! I’m starting off by saying SORRY for being MIA for so super long! In case you don’t know, I work a full-time job in Manhattan, so between my day job, and all of life’s other obligations, sometimes this little passion project of mine takes a back seat. Even though that doesn’t make me so happy, I know that moments spent with my family can never be replaced.

Speaking of family, I gave my mom the cutest necklace for Mother’s Day this past May, and I had to scoop the same up for myself as well [DUH]. I’ve found the cutest site called Soufeel which specializes in personalized jewelry. I’ve always been such a huge fan of personalized jewels, especially over the past year during my engagement, wedding and my with the change of my last name. My mom absolutely LOVED her new monogram necklace [in gold], and I love mine too! I also got the name plate necklace [in gold] as well [currently OVER 50% off]!!! I love that these pieces also have three different clasp lengths so you can layer them up with just about anything.

[How stunning?!]

Make sure to check out Soufeel for lots of other fun pieces! Love you guys!

Photography: Will Ferman

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