We’ve officially titled our new little group “beauties who brunch.” I for one, am loving the name! Last weekend I attended a gorgeous gathering hosted by my new boss babe, gal pals, Sylvia and Karen. Perfection is really the only way to describe this event at The Gander NYC.

Being born and raised on Long Island, it’s been an adjustment for me being away from my best friend since elementary school, my parent’s and my extended family. Although living in New Jersey isn’t super far from LI, it’s just not feasible to go back home every weekend. Luckily I have made some great girlfriends here in NJ through my husband who I am so thankful for! And as I continue on my blogging journey it only seems to get better and better. I was so blessed to meet a group of amazing women last weekend at this blogger brunch. Not only are these women incredible, they’re all from, you guessed it, NJ! I’m so excited to have a new group of friends here in the NJ area, especially since we share so many of the same interests. I can’t wait to share all the little details from last Saturday. Make sure to keep reading to check out all the vendors who so graciously contributed to this awesome event.

Almost everyone ordered the french toast [which did look incredible, not going to lie], but I tend to gravitate more towards savory than sweet, especially for breakfast and brunch. I got the shrimp and grits and it was seriously AMAZING! This dish plus the bottomless Bellini’s was heaven!

And speaking of savory… Astrid [from All Things Astrid] and I decided that fries were absolutely necessary!

Feeling so blessed to have met this amazingly stylish and fun group of women!

Meet the boss babes – left to right:
Sylvia [@sylviapilawa], Maggie [@maggiekrol], Danielle [@danielle_layne], Megan [@pinebarrenbeauty], Steph [@simplystph], Me [@pinkandpolkadotss], Karen [everbstyled], Astrid [@astridarmigos]

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Extra special thank you to all the amazing vendors that made this event so special!

Event space: The Gander NYC
Floral arrangements: Unique Flowers NJ
Name cards: Charlie Whiskey Designs
Photography: Angelene Coronel
Gift bags: Londontown USA, Oliver & Piper, and Maybelline

What’s your favorite spot to spend Sunday Funday brunching? Let me know in the comments below!


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This Spring is ALL about floral prints and I couldn’t be more excited! Floral prints are so feminine which makes my heart happy!

This perfect floral print from Adrianna Papell is seriously amazing! I love that it flares out on the bottom and has the most flattering top. You can wear any type of under garment with this dress, and nothing shows through either since the material has weight to it. It’s great quality and the perfect cut.

I also love mixing and matching feminine and edgy pieces. I found the cutest pink faux leather jacket [ON SALE] that goes PERFECT with this outfit, but also pairs amazing with just about anything else also. I planned to wear this whole look to NYFW two weeks ago, but unfortunately, the bad weather cancelled plans and I didn’t end up going (I was super bummed). I plan to wear this outfit to one of the MANY events I have coming up this Spring, so I’m sure you’ll see me in it again soon, but here’s the preview 😉

How gorgeous is this lippy color? The Clinique Cubby Stick Lip Balm has been a favorite of mine for so long. I’m obsessed with the shade Pudgy Peony for Spring!

I’m so obsessed with the deep-v back on this dress!

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Are you digging floral prints this season? Let me know what your favorite Spring trends are in the comments below!!

Photography: Will Ferman


We celebrated our 6 month wedding anniversary this past week, and I couldn’t be happier, or prouder, to be Pat’s wife! To say our wedding day was perfect and magical is truly an understatement. The amount of love that we felt from our family and friends, near and far, was truly indescribable. I have always been the girl that would dream about her wedding day, and my dreams finally became a reality. Seeing Pat during our first look, for the first time the day of our wedding, was by far the most emotional experience I’ve ever felt. That feeling alone reassured me that my decision to marry Pat was the best choice I’ve ever made in my life. I am beyond excited to share some of our favorite shots from our wedding day with you! They are so special, and near and dear to our hearts, I couldn’t keep them from you any longer. Here’s a peak of August 12, 2016, the day I became Mrs. Myer.

Bride Style

Groom Tux

Bridal Gown

Wedding Day

Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers

Bride and Groom

Wedding Day

First Dance

Wedding Photography

Pat and I watched our wedding trailer for 3 days straight when we first got it. We often watch our trailer and can’t help but get teary eyed reliving the day. I honestly can’t imagine not having video footage to look back and remember our special day! Don’t get me wrong, I love a good photo (duh), but there’s something about video footage that just takes you back to that moment. If you’re in the New York/New Jersey area, I HIGHLY recommend Live Picture Studios for your wedding videography, they are truly talented at what they do, and we couldn’t be happier with our wedding trailer. What I love so much about LPS, is that our wedding trailer was a short story, with every piece fitting together perfectly. I’m sharing below for ya’ll!

Cinematography – Live Picture Studios

Advice for the Bride-to-Be

If you do nothing else, enjoy every last minute of your engagement and wedding day. It goes SO SO fast (like blink of an eye fast), and you never get it back – so make it memorable. Wedding planning can feel endless and daunting for so many brides. I’m a planner by nature, and the process got extremely overwhelming for me towards the end. Just remember, there is and end in sight, and your hard work does pay off. I look back on our day, and there’s not a detail that I didn’t have my hand in planning. The more organized you are the days and months leading up to the wedding, the more relaxed you will be on your actual wedding day. My parting piece of advice, bring a checkbook or got to the ATM before your wedding day – let’s just say I spent about 30 minutes of my wedding day taking out $3k worth of cash from the ATM, in $100 intervals (yes I got charged every single time too).

SOOO… What questions do ya’ll want answered about your engagement, wedding day, or simply being a bride-to-be? I’m no expert, but I do feel like I have a ton to share. Let me know in the comments below! I’m going to continue wedding posts throughout 2017 sharing all the details from my bridesmaid dresses, to the my favorite wedding Etsy shops, so stay tuned! 😉

New Signature

Photography – Anthony Ziccardi Studios


I always feel the need to start any “healthy living” type post with a caveat, because if you know me in “real life,” you’d know that I’m the biggest junk food hoarder there is. One of my goals for 2017 was not to eat fast food [I’ve kept that resolution so far], but that doesn’t mean that Doritos and chocolate chip cookies are off limits for me [shakes head at self].

I truly believe that everything is okay in moderation, which is probably why I’ve never been a big fan of diets. I know a lot of people in my social circle that diet from time to time, and I just never feel the need to jump on that bandwagon. The newest trendy diet is Whole 30, and while I think the concept of eating whole for 30 days is great, I just don’t think I could give up pasta for that long [It’s the Italian in me, guys]. Again, moderation is key in my life. Sunday’s were always pasta night growing up, and I’ve decided to continue that tradition with my new family. And honestly, I think that’s okay! Treating myself to some yummy rigatoni with my homemade sauce (recipe to come soon – my husband raves about it) is something that makes me look forward to the dreaded Sunday night scaries – well, that and a new episode of The Affair of course – who’s with me?

So, what have I been doing in 2017 to keep healthy? I’m sharing three ‘tips’ I use everyday to stay not only healthy, but on-track and balanced. These are super easy and take up very little time of your day! Keep reading to find out more!

Misfit Ray in Rose Gold (so pretty!!) // Nike Dri-Fit Half Zip

1. Hydrate 
I’ve been a huge fan of the Count Me Healthy bracelets by Chelsea Charles Jewelry for a while now. They are not only a gorgeous piece to add to your jewelry collection, but they actually serve a purpose which is a double plus! The concept of the Count me Healthy bangles is to choose a goal, and then keep track of it. For me, it’s water intake, so to keep count, I slide a ball on the bangle to the other side as I drink a glass of water. This allows me to keep track super quick and easily. You could also use this concept for so many other goals, like counting calories, vitamin intake, weekly workouts, or even kicks if you’re pregnant.

Chelsea Charles Jewelry

2. Get Moving
If you’re like me, and sit at a desk all day, it’s important to keep track of your movement. I am not a gym person at all, but I do like to move around my office to keep my step count up. Luckily living right outside of New York City, I have a lot of walking to do, to and from work, so I naturally am keeping up my movement. I’ve recently been testing out the Misfit Tracker and I’m loving it. It actually looks like a gorgeous piece of rose gold jewelry, and not a fitness tracker. There’s also an app you can download that goes with the tracker. I highly recommend, and you can scoop one up at either Target or Amazon for a little over $100.

3. Detox 
I started my Teami Tea Blends detox at the beginning of January and I’ve been loving it so far. I’m not a coffee drinker, so drinking tea is natural and easy for me. Making the tea takes up no time at all, and I’ve found that I’ve been feeling less bloated as well as healthier after doing this cleanse for one month! I plan to keep this up in the future and will keep you posted on the long-term results. Use code PDOTS10 for 10% off your order on the Teami Tea Blends site!

Besides the three tips mentioned above, I’m a huge fan of yoga. I’ve mentioned this in previous posts before as I’ve been doing yoga on and off for a long time now, but I figured I’d bring it up again. Don’t get me wrong, depending on where you go it can be pricey, but worth it. Yoga not only pushes me to tone my body physically, but it helps to detox my mind too. I love having 60 minutes dedicated to myself to be with my own thoughts. I’ve also never been big into working out at a gym, so I find this to be a great alternative to staying in shape.

What are some tricks you use to feel balanced and healthy in your daily life? Let me know in the comments below – I can’t wait to hear from ya’ll!

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How is it even possible that an entire month of the new year is over already?! 2017 already feels like it’s flying by, are you with me? It’s been pretty non-stop since early December for my family and I. We moved into a brand new home early December (we now live in Hoboken, NJ — yes, I’m a totally ‘Jersey Girl’ now). I have to say, we’re absolutely loving our new home, in our new city. The holidays always tend to get a bit crazy, and then of course there’s New Years, plus I got pretty sick (they were calling it the ‘Christmas Plague’). Besides the normal Winter holiday craziness, Pat and I were born one week (and four years) apart – I’m younger ;). We’re both Aquarius’ and celebrate our birthday’s late January/early February. It’s been one celebration after the next, for what feels like a full two months now, but we’re finally feeling settled in our new place and somehow feeling relaxed too.

With the new year, brings new opportunities, and I’m so excited to share with you all that I’ve been working with one of my favorite dress designers of all time, Adrianna Papell. Now, being the petite little lady that I am (go shortay), I’m always having to get dresses for casual, and fancy events altered. Don’t get me wrong, I love my tailor (he does great work if you’re in Hoboken by the way), but it can tend to get pricey, especially when you need A LOT of alterations. Bottom line, I’d love to, for once, order a dress and have it fit the first time. This is why Adrianna Papell is an amazing designer, and my ultimate go-to. Their petite dress line cater to women with a smaller frame, and I absolutely love that. Adrianna Papell also carries lots of styles that aren’t petite, just as an FYI. I wore the below dress to my cousin’s wedding in December, but it could absolutely continue to be worn throughout the Winter and Spring to any type of event that you need a LBD (little black dress) for.

Shop my look here:

I’ve been loving this printed Adrianna Papell dress for not only a special event (like a bridal shower, which I plan to wear it for), but also for a casual office look. If you’re someone who works in a business casual environment, I’ve dressed down this outfit with a cardigan and some boots to show just how perfect this dress is for both types of occasions – you could do it too! I’m also loving the beading detail on the neckline of this style dress. It’s instant bling, which means you don’t have to add extra jewels to complete the look. Adrianna Papell is sold on their own site, but also on (which if you follow along with you me, you know is my favorite place to shop). I’m seriously swooning over so many of their styles I can’t pick a favorite. Not to mention there are so many cute options for Valentine’s Day (just two weeks away)!

Shop my look here:

Perfect for V Day (15% off select styles):

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be attending NYFW for the first time this year (coming up mid-February)! I can’t wait to connect with a bunch of ladies that I’ve met through Pink and Polka Dots and mostly I’m excited to wear Adrianna Papell to NYFW too!!! Of course, it’s my go-to designer and was my first choice because I knew my dress would fit me perfectly. Have you ever tried out an Adrianna Papell dress? What did you think of the cut and fit on your body type? What other designers cater to petites that you know and love? Let me know in the comments below!

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Photography: Lauren Mazzei and Stephanie Bragino